We started this podcast because of a love of FileMaker and wanting to share our thoughts and ideas with the FileMaker community.  We are both absolutely delighted at how many downloads we’ve had in a very short period of time but, of course, the icing on the cake, is when we hear from our listeners and, on this page, we’re going to share those comments with everybody.  We’d love to hear from you.

… love the podcast whilst commuting from Waterloo to Blackfriars
Edward Callaghan

Very interesting stuff.   I have already listened to many of them.
David Klawiter
Center for Creative Computing, University of Notre Dame

… you two are doing a very great job and I love to listen to you guys all the time. When Claris was mentioned and reborn, my first thought was, I’ll like to hear what you two think about it and I just finished listening to your views. If there’s anything I took from today’s podcast, it’s “…you’re not sure about the future but it looks bright” Osbert Yao Volur, Ghana

thanks for your fireside chats in podcast form. It is always interesting to hear about other developers experiences over the decades. Anatole Beams

I also thought I’d add some thoughts on what specifically I like about your podcast, which forced me to think a bit.  I think it’s a combination of your enthusiasm and your genuineness/sincerity, plus of course your obvious competence.  Competence of course is necessary but without the first 2 it’s just boring or even annoying.  So thank you for the stories you share about yourselves and your experiences, and for the opinions and insights you share. Keep at it, please.  As you say ’2 old FM developers just chatting”.  Very nice.
Charles Holdener

This podcast is great! (A Conversation with Claris – Part 1). MonkeyBreadSoftware

I’ve been catching up on your podcast and am really enjoying it. Kudos and thank you for spending time interviewing Rick and Robert, it’s great that Claris is providing some insight into their operations outside the developer conference. Daniel Farnan, Australia

Great Podcast. These guys have years of FileMaker development experience and can give your learning a great turbo boost. Billion12345 (iTunes)

Love the podcast. Jeff Hernandez

Yes podcasts are very interesting. Please don’t stop them , especially with all future changes in the Claris’s environment. Denis Duplain

Thank you very much for the best FM podcast ever … a great and entertaining podcast. Ulrich Graser

Thanks so much for this Podcast – it is awesome.  NOT just for FileMaker Geeks….it is also GREAT for In-house developers as well as a company considering having a Filemaker custom solution created for them. Rob Riedlinger

… the ones I’ve listened to have been a good listen. I don’t always get around other FileMaker folk in person so it’s nice to hear it talked about in this format. Thanks! Wookiebeef (Reddit)

This podcast is terrific – very enjoyable to listen to and great hosting style! Charis Booker

First, many thanks for all of your hard work on this podcast. I’ve been listening for a little while now, and I always find your suggestions & tips helpful, especially your contrasting views & approaches to development. Jonathan Gottlieb

Being a self-made FMP developer, it is with a lot of pleasure that I listen to your podcasts, mostly when I’m walking, running, or riding my bike. … my compliments for both the valuable content of the podcast (really practice oriented and down to earth) and the pleasurable atmosphere with which you’re doing it. It’s like I’m with some good friends talking interesting FMP issues. I recognise a lot in your practices; many things I found out thru trial and error, like you did. Paul Sandwijk

I just finished listening to your latest podcast.  You guys are doing a great job with those. Colin Campbell, Boulder, CO

Enjoying the podcast!! It’s great to have a good resource to listen to.  I really enjoy listening and getting a great perspective on how development has shaped your visions on FileMaker. It’s great to have a podcast like this. It makes me feel a bit more productive when I am going for a walk or driving to have something like this playing. Jared Hague

I’m enjoying your podcast, Fireside FileMaker.  I think its a great resource for my email list (993 people), so I recently recommended the episode of you interviewing Rick Kalman and Robert Holsey in my latest  newsletter   Hopefully, many will become subscribers to your podcast! Daniel Shanahan, New Leaf Data, LLC

Thank you both, for making this recording and giving us an interface to people at “The Wedge”. This gives us a unique opportunity to listen to the most important people and to hear the story behind many of the features on the developer side of the product. Arild Schönberg

“I just watched your Fireside podcast and I am in full agreement with most of the topics both you Gentlemen cover, it was really great, enjoyed it immensely.” Paul Wilkinson

Thanks for creating this podcast.  Interesting to hear your thoughts on various things FileMaker.  For example, I always felt like I should be considering the Separation Model but now feel fine ignoring it.

I’ve been listening to your podcast and wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated that developers of your caliber are sharing your insights. I’ve found that the FileMaker community has always been giving of time and knowledge and you both are great examples.  Thomas Mokwa

Great podcast guys!  Thanks! William T Miller

Timeless advice for developers and life in general! (KISS) Robert Jackson

Let me start by saying how much I have enjoyed the podcast so far, just finished episode 7 (Welcome Back Claris). I use to hear lot of podcast at the same time but since I discovered yours last week, I have been focused on yours only. Thanks for the good stuff and please keep up the good work.
Gisael Gustavo Gómez González

I appreciate that both of you very busy gentleman took the time out to give a candid and transparent view of certification. The time spent listening to the podcast, was well worth it. Thank you both for your unique perspective.
Mike (on Podbean)

I just wanted to say that this last episode of Fireside FileMaker on the ubiquitous calculation engine was great. That’s the kind of episode I’m looking for from experienced developers like yourselves. I love hearing about the philosophy behind programming practices, and actually learning something. It really helps in filling in knowledge gaps and making us all better programmers. Dusty Hanes

Your last podcast with Marc Larochelle was very interesting. Good explanation on FileMaker hosting vs cloud 1 and 2… Dennis Duplain

“The podcast is like a tradesman going to the supply house and listening to the old timers talk about techniques and opinions waiting at the counter. You learn more from listening to them than any class you can take” David Trotsky

Congratulations on the download counter! We enjoy listening to your podcasts here at MBS. Christian Schmitz